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About Elyon Healthcare

Elyon, a diversified global healthcare leader, discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions to improve the lives of everyone.


About Elyon Healthcare

Elyon, a diversified global healthcare leader, discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions to improve the lives of everyone. We work to prevent and treat the diseases that we know of today, as well as those we may face tomorrow. With more than 100,000 dedicated professionals in more than 100 countries, Elyon is devoted to advancing healthcare around the world. At Elyon we recognize that there is no achievement without integrity. The Elyon Spirit is a set of values and operating principles, shared by employees across the company, that form the basis of the Elyon culture.


Elyon, formed in 2019, The integration, development, and refinement of the Compliance Program for Elyon started in 2019; the Compliance Program continues to improve.

Expert Healthcare

Elyon Health Care Ltd. today is an aggressive organization involved in the marketing of nutraceutical products. We create an exclusive range of products backed up with international technical know-how for the benefit of the Indian patients. These unique products are marketed & distributed by the fully trained & efficiently managed teams comprising of experienced & skillful professionals in each discipline of marketing, sales & distribution.

  • We are a company with a powerful combination of skills, resources, and principles.
  • Each of these Elyon employees is strong together by a proud legacy of performance and principles

Elyon Health Values

We aim to enhance the quality of life with Care and Concern. Our business is focused on developing and producing innovative and effective nutraceutical, herbal and medicinal products that make a real difference in important areas of healthcare from birth to healthy aging. Our nutraceuticals or preventive medicines provide innovative solutions for global healthcare problems in the areas of metabolic disorders and major impact on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

With fast-paced lifestyle emergency healthcare is an area of prime concern, Elyon Health Care Ltd. has extended its care operations with an allopathic range of products which includes the newer, precisely accurate and diversified molecules (With less side effect) in various segments, clearly targeting and enriching life at every step.

Our nutraceutical, herbal and medicinal products are based on well documented scientific facts, committed research, and are aimed at improving the quality of life.

At Elyon, we have a passion for making a difference in patients’ lives, and to support this effort by developing innovative new products, while taking into account how these products are developed. We believe that CSR is an integral part of the process to bring novel healthcare solutions to patients, including making ethical, social, and environmentally responsible decisions that serve patients and the community.

Ethics is the basis of our day-to-day work. Our Code of Business Conduct guides employees to make ethical decisions across all spectrums of our business. Ethics is pivotal in the creation and evolution of our Elyon image and reputation.

Elyon focal points within Ethics:

  • Relationships with Suppliers and Contractors
  • Responsible Marketing

We support the communities in which we live and work, as well as caring for one of our most important assets – our employees. All our locations in India support our communities through a combination of social investments and community affairs activities.

Elyon focal points within People::

  • Promoting equal opportunity and preventing discrimination
  • Demonstrating our commitment to health and safety
  • Focusing on career management and skill development
  • Creating a work-life balance
  • Maintaining a local presence and commitment to local communities
  • Conducting humanitarian and solidarity programs

Elyon has a strong commitment to the environment which is demonstrated by our many policies to reduce our carbon footprint, our recycling initiatives, and our dedication to conserve natural resources and to combat negative impacts on climate change. Our commitment to the environment helps up to sustain our dedication to patient health, as preserving the Earth ensures that we have the ability to protect our patients.

Elyon focal points within Planet:

  • Managing Natural Resources
  • Respecting Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Health



Mission of the Compliance Program

The purpose of the Compliance Program is to:

(a) prevent, detect, and correct violations of law and company policy and procedures;
(b) assure the establishment of compliance-related policies and procedures for business operations;
(c) assure development of training and other programs designed to educate employees regarding applicable policies, procedures and standards;
(d) implement a mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of essential elements of the Compliance Program;
(e) implement a mechanism for internal reporting of questionable or inappropriate activities to enable timely investigation and resolution; and
(f) assure appropriate corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence of misconduct.